New Master and Bachelor thesis topics in the field of “Attribute-based Encryption”

We offer challenging tasks for motivated students. We focus on Attribute-based Encryption (public-key cryptography flavor), searchable encryption, web technologies in the context of Online Social Networks, Cloud Computing and P2P related scenarios. Herby, we combine data-centric and user-centric security concepts to enable a secure and seamless data sharing experience.

Some thesis (Master/Bachelor) topics are briefly described below:

1st. topic (Bachelor thesis):
Extend our already existing portable Native Client (pNaCl) (Browser plugin) to support Attribute-based Encryption. More precise, focus on the decryption function, which is more or less the same as described by Bethencourt et al. in CP-ABE. Implementation here.
We already ported the Pairing-based crypto library (PBC library) to pNaCl.
Required skills: interest in cryptography, web technologies, programming skills in C/C++, JavaScript, HTML

2nd. topic (Master thesis):
Extent our system (based on Liu’s ABE scheme) to support the notion of Searchable Encryption. Implement a trapdoor function and the appropriate Search function. Some [related work]. A use case would be: enable to search for specific encrypted pictures in a picture gallery based on picture tags, e.g. “vacation” or names, such as “paul”.
Required skills: interest in cryptography, programming skills in Java (server), C/C++ (client)

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