Bethencourt’s CP-ABE runs in a pNaCl application

Progress has been made on our Browser-based client.
Bethencourt’s CP-ABE implementation “cpabe” has been successfully “ported” to our portable Native Client (pNaCl) browser extension. With the help of previously ported PBC library, the ciphertext decryption runs well – provided that a appropriate secret ABE key was applied.
Next, adaptations are made in order to support further ABE schemes, such as this scheme.

WebAssembly: einheitlicher Bytecode für das Web

WebAssembly macht Fortschritte. Ein erster experimenteller Support von WebAssembly ist jetzt in der V8 JavaScript Engine (ab Version 5.1.117) verfügbar. 🙂

Weitere Links:

  • Artikel: “A WebAssembly Milestone: Experimental Support in Multiple Browsers” (By Luke Wagner): [Link]
  • WebAssembly Community Group @ W3C [Link]
  • WebAssembly’s GitHub Repo: [Link]