The fundamental principles of Entrance are:

  • Open standards: Entrance shall, where possible, use and build on existing technologies but prefer open standards, unencumbered by IPR
  • Open source: Entrance shall place its assets under a common shared open source framework to enable widest possible adoption, especially for porting components to other devices. However, if required parts can be released as closed source components.
  • Developer and end user centricity: for all design consideration, the rights and needs of developers and end users shall be put in priority.


Entrance will enable following use cases:

Entrance will enable a range of scenarios to enable users to communicate with friend, family members, business partner (business partners, medical doctors…)

Technologies used by Entrance:

The project will build on state-of-the-art technologies including UVVU specification, Attribute-based Encryption (ABE), Policy-based access control (XACML) and W3C standards and extend those to work across the domains.

Attribute-based Encryption (ABE) will be used and integrated instead of public/private key approaches.


Landscape analysis

The following technologies and standards are currently under review (incomplete list):

  • Several Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) schemes
  • Common File Format (CFF)
  • Common Encryption (CENC)
  • Ultraviolet UVVU specification
  • W3C Encrypted Media Extensions
  • W3C Web Cryptography API
  • ISO Base Media File Format
  • Google’s Native Client (NaCl)